We are car transport professionals who bravely take on tasks that are insurmountable for others.

Car transportation

Car transportation is a complex process, that requires not only the right technology, but also specific knowledge. Vykom pays special attention to the quality of transportation.

Innovative decisions and investments to improve quality processes deliver impeccable results and ensure that the offered logistics services meet the highest customer expectations.

High quality

We have many years of experience in transportation, so we manage the processes accurately and proficiently. Continuous innovations allow us to meet the highest customer expectations.


We ensure maximum cargo safety by insuring them with CMR insurance. You can be calm - your cargo is in reliable hands!

Competitive price

Experience, innovative solutions and professional staff ensure error-free work at a competitive price.

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When transporting single cars, we ensure flexibility and efficiency.

Vykom company offers reliable car transport services to both business and private customers. We transport single cars in all European countries. We provide information on the location of vehicles on a regular and expeditious basis and guarantee a flexible response to customer needs. We can transport from 1 to 4 cars, at a convenient time for the customer in terms of pick-up and delivery. Cars can be assembled and delivered at several loading and delivery locations.

Vykom cargoes transportation services:

  • Car transportation between factories, ports and logistics terminals for manufacturers and logistics companies.
  • Car transportation for car dealers - direct distribution.
  • Carloading and delivery in several locations
  • Car logistics services, combined cargo transportation.
  • Quality control.
  • Operative damage control and administration.
  • Insurance of all cargoes transported.
  • Fast and efficient services in client's preferred language.
Transport control and smoothness guaranteed.

We work not only in Eastern and Western Europe but also in the Far East and Scandinavian countries.

Risk and loss probability minimized.

We carry both single cars and complete loads.

Optimal cost of transportation and other services.

Modern Vykom car transporters park makes it possible to achieve maximum efficiency at the lowest cost.

Reliable and time-tested your business partner.

Highly qualified personnel quickly and professionally solve complex situations.

Contact us if you are looking for a quality car transport service

If you need a full freight or single car delivery service in Europe, please contact us at +37037210524 or fill out the form.

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