Car transporters

Our auto park is modern and neat, because of that we ensure secure car transportation at the lowest cost.

Vykom car transporter park is regularly upgraded

We are committed to providing our customers with only the highest level of services, so we are systematically expanding and modernizing auto park, adapting it to new market challenges. We acquire reliable and economical car transporters and superstructures with the best load index. The modern, diligently maintained machinery enables smooth, fast and low-cost transportation.

Modern car transporters are suitable for safe transportation of different size cars. Vykom park consists of car transporters with superstructures of Kaessbohrer, Lohr, Rolfo, Silver and Rimo, which can be loaded with various vehicles: small cars, jeeps, pick-up trucks, minibuses or even lorries. Technical specifications of superstructures ensure that the maximum dimensions and weight requirements of the laden vehicle transporter will not be violated when transporting large vehicles.

Vykom car transporters and superstructures stand out due to their great load index - to load cargo faster and more conveniently.

New Vykom car park ensures our customers with safe car transportation at the lowest cost. The newest car transporters and superstructures are equipped with modern equipment, which significantly simplifies the handling of loads and allows for more compact transportation of cars. Loading and unloading the car transporter will be more convenient and faster, in that way, you will not waste your precious time on it. Car transporters superstructures with hydraulic systems provide the opportunity to place cars at different angles, maximizing utilized space. Vykom ensures smooth and efficient vehicle transportation.

Vykom operated modern car transporters are reliable, safe and economical

  • Car transporters engines modifications ensure maximum efficiency and economy.
  • Modern car transporters with pneumatic suspension are characterized as efficient.
  • Superstructures with automatic engine fire suppression system.
  • Car transporters are equipped with advanced technologies, such as collision warning and emergency braking systems.
  • Car transporters have a random drive direction change warning system (Lane following assistant)
  • Properly maintained

Our operated car transporters comply with the Euro 6 standard for low emissions of particulate matter and nitrogen compounds. By choosing the most up-to-date machinery that complies with the strict regulations of the European Union, we save the environment and reduce air pollution.

We deliver the cargo in the shortest time possible. Vykom car transporters with a total weight of up to 11 tons can drive up to 1000km/24h.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our car transporters, superstructures and other machinery - we will be sure to respond.

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